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Set of protocols for enhanced ownership

Our ERC-20 compatible & open-source technical environment lets anyone create and issue tokens through our set of protocols. These building blocks enable anyone to create legally binding tokens with a different set of features.

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Open source

We work towards making all of our technical and legal efforts open source and open for contributions from our community.
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Open protocols

We create protocols that allow creators to build an entire ecosystem of applications on top of them.
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Legally binding

We create a legally enforceable bridge between off-chain assets and on-chain tokens anywhere in the world.
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Blockchain promises to “free communication” and allow its users to make complicated transactions without needing to trust anyone but the system itself. Thanks to that, transacting parties do not need to trust each other and they do not need any third parties like banks, notary services, stock exchanges, etc. to make a transaction happen. If they follow a specific set of rules within the system they can be certain of the outcomes. In other words, all interactions that happen between parties on-chain follow a protocol.


We do not believe that the creation of a Security Token protocol standard is needed or even possible. Instead, we are committed to defining a few open-source protocols, which are universal (standardized). This allows for the design of many different tokens and the creation of a whole ecosystem of third party apps around them. We do not standardize our app layer. Therefore, developers are able to build many different applications on top of our protocols. Our protocol-building efforts are open for contributions from the community. Neufund does not support the creation of protocols that serve only one specific application.


Platform Protocols

Tokens coming from Neufund’s ecosystem implement different basic protocols that enable various features such as voting rights, dividends, information distribution or their legally enforceable nature. Learn more about our set of protocols below.

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Legally binding contracts

All tokens communicating with Neufund have to be legally binding. We do that through building a bridge between the on-chain and off-chain worlds, which bonds off-chain assets with on-chain representations, thus securing the rights of both issuers and owners.

Legally binding tokens allow to cover the meta-programming part that Ethereum lacks in a legal document linked to a smart contract. This creates an additional layer of protection for token holders. Examples of such situations are the fork arbitration clause (what happens if a fork happens?), the bug fixing clause (how do we define the bug and upgrade the code?), the migration clause (partier might migrate to different rules – how do we manage that?) or immutability clause (which parts of a legal agreement cannot be changed due to a link to a smart contract?).

How do we do we make sure our tokens are legally binding?

  • Irrevocably linking a smart contract to a legal document and vice versa.
  • Allowing for retrieval of a current legal agreement (or a smart contract if initiated from the paper side).
  • Allowing amendments to a legal agreement (the mutable part — see later).
  • Allowing parties to sign-up and to link the smart contract’s blockchain state at the moment of signature to an off-chain agreement.
  • Checking to see who signed up and at which block.

Read & contribute on GitHub

Used in Equity Token, Neumark, ESOP, nEUR

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Snapshot token

The Snapshot token lets you keep certain rights after you trade your tokens, for example sell your tokens, but still claim your dividends prior to the sale. It is based on the MiniMe token from Giveth.

Snapshot token is a technical component, that allows to build a number of different features:

  1. Voting rights & procedures (e.g. Equity Token holders will be able to participate in shareholders resolutions),
  2. Dividends distribution (e.g. NEU token holders receive dividends from the platform; Equity Token holders receive dividends from the company),
  3. Information distribution,
  4. Giving permission rights (e.g. NEU token holders can access the platform token portfolio).

Read & contribute on GitHub

Used in: Equity Token, NEU

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Token Controller

Instead of trying to standardize functions of a particular controller (like security token issuer), it’s a much better pattern to standardize a token controller interface so that any app can be built on that. Based on the MiniMe token from Giveth.

Token Controller is a way of removing concerns from a token contract into the app layer. Example of token controllers could be:

  1. A controller that implements transfer and approval permissions.
  2. A controller that implements company governance with votings, dividends, vesting, cap table, different token classes, secondary issuances all other things you do in an organization.
  3. A controller that implements any type of decentralized governance for a network, a DAO, where you are free to use any organization building toolkit like Aragon OS.
  4. A controller which is controlling off-chain assets like bank minting and settling USD Tokens.

Read & contribute on GitHub

Used in: Equity Token, nEUR


Learn more and contribute to our development efforts.

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The Neufund platform provides an interaction system through which people (or smart contracts) can create and issue new tokens via a token sale or tokenize existing off-chain assets.

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Technology user friendly

Our user-friendly interface enables users to easily invest or issue legally binding tokens in a safe environment. Neufund’s interface has been designed with different users in mind, including those who encounter blockchain applications for the first time.

Technology KYC

Our platform has a built-in identity verification process, which was designed in full compliance with European Anti Money Laundering regulations. Our KYC saves the verification status on a public ledger.

Create wallet

Thanks to the Light Wallet implementation, investors can easily create a universal blockchain wallet using Neufund’s interface.

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Neufund allows issuers to automate their communication with token holders through a governance system. Depending on the type of assets and token holder rights, the system can manage voting processes and information distribution.


Contribute to the development of the Neufund ecosystem and get rewarded in Neumark.

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