Cryptocurrencies Tutorial for Newbies

This tutorial takes you through the basics of cryptocurrencies, how to acquire it, store it in a digital wallet and then send it. It has been made so that it includes the ideal mix of theory and practice to introduce newbies to cryptocurrencies and give them some momentum by teaching them the most important functions.


Whitepaper v3

From here you can download and comment on the latest version of our whitepaper. The whitepaper contains a wide variety of information about how we plan to build, operate and scale NEUFUND in a significant amount of detail. The Whitepaper serves the purpose of explaining all the concepts behind NEUFUND in more detail but we are still maturing and iterating on the Whitepaper daily. More documents with more implementation and technical details will be released soon.


Blockchain Events Calendar

The amount of blockchain and fintech conferences out there is overwhelming. We tried to make sense of it through this 2017 Calendar. We will soon be building an publicly shared and editable version of this where people can add events and also see in which of those they can find us.


Onboarding @ NEUFUND

Curious to see how we onboard newbies onto our team and how we introduce them to the world of blockchain? Take a look… This includes a number of must-read articles about blockchain, how to create a digital wallet, how to setup a hardware wallet, basic info on investment funds and a list of the news sources and channels we monitor daily here at NEUFUND.


Ledger Nano Walkthrough

The one piece of equipment that is essential to every crypto-nerd that is serious about their security is probably the Ledger Nano… Learn how you can set it up and use it to store your cryptoassets.