Regulation and compliance

Since its inception, Neufund’s mission has been to bring the Blockchain fundraising out of the regulatory grey zone, and enabling a fully compliant Blockchain-based investment process. Because this area is so novel both for the developers, the lawyers, and also the lawmakers, as well as the regulators, this has not been an easy task. With so many out-of-the-box solutions, deep at its core Neufund has become a legal-tech and reg-tech platform. Therefore you may get the impression that some of our functionalities or processes are complicated. It is, however, necessary to keep investors and companies protected, and to comply with transparency standards, not only for legal reasons, but also business ethics.

Our goal has been to make fundraising on the Blockchain as easy as possible, but also as safe as possible. We take all regulatory and compliance requirements seriously, and we believe that a lot of them make sense. It is, in the end, our mission to protect the investors and the community — in this we are aligned both with the lawmakers, and with the Blockchain community’s democratic and inclusive spirit of transparency. Bear with us for ICOs 2.0 — scam free.


Neufund establishes a legal structure for ICOs

Neufund is putting an off-chain product’s shares on chain, so it’s bridging the off-chain and the on-chain world. Current ICOs, they’re always related to on-chain companies, they offer utility tokens which you can use for on-chain products. Neufund, however, allows investors to invest in off-chain companies by putting shares on chain. This, on first sight, is something impossible because shares are, you know, some pieces of paper or certificates or something like this. This is, as everybody knows, a huge legal challenge. We have worked on that hard for pretty long and now we have a solution that solves it. The solution is the nominee structure. The nominee holds the shares, the nominee issues the tokens and that is per se totally legal in Germany and any other European jurisdiction. Of course, you might have to observe security’s law but that’s nothing bad, it is just making sure that the market has the information it needs and inform market is more liquid and that might even increase prices and demand for such tokens. I’m totally fascinated to be part of Neufund. You know, I’m in Venture Capital for over ten years and this whole thing is suffering from one huge issue that is illiquidity and asymmetric information. And with blockchain’s fundraising, suddenly these problems are all solved, so I really, really believe that Neufund will propel the whole startup market into a new dimension.