Neufund secures 4m EUR financing and seeks a financial license

December 14th, 2020. Neufund, a fintech startup that connects innovative companies seeking capital with progressive investors, today announces 4m EUR of funding led by Atlantic Labs and Udo Schloemer (founder and CEO of Factory Berlin), with additional funds coming from Freigeist Capital and Dario Suter (founder and managing director of DCM). The new round extends the company's previous 3.4m EUR series A round, conducted on the platform in 2018. The funding will be used for obtaining a financial license, accelerating the development of new products and notable hiring.

“From the outset, we have always strictly followed financial regulations and developed our business around the understanding that digital assets should be regulated like financial instruments. With this round, we take a further step in this direction: additional financial license would allow us to expand our list of services and products, while adhering to our compliant and transparent approach. We are thrilled to start this new chapter, and we have big plans ahead”, – said Zoe Adamovicz, CEO and co-founder of Neufund.

“Funding innovative entrepreneurs is typically a complicated: expensive, often geographically inaccessible and time-consuming process. Providing a platform based on security tokens is a break-through and an opportunity to solve the problem. We believe Neufund will not only help entrepreneurs, but also impact the way people think about fundraising and even IPOs”, – said Christophe Maire, founder and CEO of Atlantic Labs.

“For us, it’s an investment in the market’s future: with Neufund we finally have a chance to move from closed groups in several tech hubs to a global community, from growth at all costs to innovation, from exclusivity to inclusivity. Running an innovative business demands the courage and ability to deal with the constant ups and downs, and we’re impressed at how Neufund navigates this path. They are one of the most ambitious and audacious creators in the fintech sector, and we are thrilled to foster them via our renewed investment round”, – said Udo Schloemer, founder and Chairman of Factory Berlin and managing director of Viva Forever.

Earlier this year, Neufund paused all upcoming fundraising campaigns to find a way to restructure the business to fit the ever-evolving fintech regulations, and plans to re-open the platform for entrepreneurs at the start of 2021. The company aims to prioritize and work closer with impact-driven small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that are, or could be, profitable while solving some of the world’s urgent problems and contributing to sustainable development.

“While the world is obsessed with unicorns, in the space of SMEs and impact businesses one can find great innovations that focus on continuity and steady generation of value. We are glad that Neufund’s team remains passionate about developing solutions to promote financial inclusivity and fund innovation beyond the unicorn universe, and we look forward to their future progress”, – said Dario Suter, co-founder and managing director of DCM.

About Neufund

Founded in 2016, Neufund connects innovative companies seeking capital with over 11 000 of progressive investors (individual, VCs, business angels and non-professional) from 123 countries. To date, investors have committed more than 20m EUR through the platform. Backed by a diverse team of professionals with deep technology expertise, Neufund conducted the world's first fully compliant public offering on blockchain for Fifth Force in 2018, and hosted the world’s first blockchain IPO for Porsche- and T-Mobile-backed Greyp in 2019. The company's products include a fundraising and investing platform, an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) Manager, Light wallet, post-investment instruments, and more.

Contact for press: Madina Tayupova, [email protected]

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