Exit ahead: Porsche acquires Croatian e-mobility startup Greyp Bikes

  • Full investment cycle completed on platform Neufund
  • Greyp Bikes raised funds in a fully-compliant blockchain Public Offering
  • An extremely wide spread of investors took part

Berlin, 19.11.2021 – Greyp Bikes, the first ever company to raise funds in a fully-compliant, tech-based blockchain Public Offering, has been acquired by industry giant Porsche. The Croatian impact-driven startup completed the full investment cycle on Neufund – from setting up their fundraising campaign in 2019, raising 1.4M EUR from over 1000 investors, to conducting multiple corporate management activities such as shareholder resolutions on blockchain. Now an exit event will mark the distribution of 1,6 M EUR to the Greyp Bikes investors who invested via Neufund. They will participate with a ROI we assume will be on average around 20%, 33 months after investing.

Greyp Bikes is a European mobility company building ‘the most technologically advanced bikes in the world’ – it offers the world’s first fully connected E-Bikes, in over 100 countries worldwide. Founded and led by visionary CEO Mate Rimac, who the Financial Times calls ‘Europe’s Elon Musk’, Greyp Bikes counts Porsche and T-Mobile as its leading investors. In this single fundraising campaign, Greyp Bikes raised more than double of what the average Croatian startup raised in all of 2019 through an extremely diverse spread of investors from around the globe. With a median ticket size of just €400, Greyp Bikes highlights the demand from previously untapped retail investors. Krešimir Hlede from Greyp Bikes: “When we started our adventure with Greyp Bikes we had no idea what potential our community had to really make a difference, to make things happen. We are extremely proud of the diverse, globally spread group of investors that made our fully-compliant blockchain-based Public Offering on the Neufund platform work out.”

The Greyp Bikes exit proves that private companies can effectively utilize blockchain Public Offerings, whilst lowering the entry barriers for companies raising funds, global retail investors looking to invest in innovative companies. Fundraising on platforms like Neufund reduces the cost of conducting a public offering compared to traditional IPOs and accelerates the fundraising process in comparison to traditional fundraising.

“With Greyp we have proven that private companies can effectively utilize blockchain IPOs, whilst lowering the barrier to entry for retail investors. To now see the full circle of investment being closed, from fundraising to exit, by a company that is not from the typical tech hubs, makes us incredibly proud and proves that global, open, transparent, decentralized and democratic fundraising is the future”, says Neufund CEO and co-founder, Zoe Adamovicz.

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Neufund is a company that entered the German market in 2016 with the aim to enable everyone around the world to invest in the companies and assets that they can relate to and understand. The company democratizes access to capital for innovators and entrepreneurs. Neufund is led by Zoe Adamovicz, a pioneering tech entrepreneur, serial founder, and CEO, who was named one of the Forbes Top 50 Women in Tech.

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