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Invest the way you want

Invest through Neufund into innovative companies and other assets and become an economic co-owner of the platform itself with NEU tokens.

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Regulated offerings

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Invest with EUR and ETH

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Manage your investments easily

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Earn NEU tokens with every investment

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Share Neufund's revenue

How it works


Create a Neufund account

with an existing blockchain wallet or easily create a new wallet.


Verify your identity

on the platform. We ensure full compliance with AML/KYC regulations. This step is required in order to invest on the platform.


Top up your wallet

with EUR and ETH.



in regulated Equity Token Offerings and get rewarded with NEU tokens for every investment.

In order to take part in the investment opportunities on the platform, you must first complete our verification process (KYC).

Know Your Customer (KYC) is an identity verification process in which we verify our client’s legal identity. Neufund verifies the identity of every investor and company on the platform as part of our policy and in accordance with the principles of Anti-Money Laundering legislation. Whether you are an individual or representing a business entity, you will need to pass our verification process in order to invest or fundraise on the platform.

The verification process is designed to enable a fully legal and regulated investment process for both our investors and the companies on the platform. This process is crucial in order to keep our investors protected and to assess and monitor customer risk.

Read more about our KYC
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Invest in tokenized equity

When you invest in equity tokens, you are investing in legally binding security tokens representing equity ownership in a specific company.

Depending on the terms of the investment offer set by each issuer, these tokens include certain shareholder rights (dividends, resolution voting, etc.) as well as utility functions.

  • Innovative companies from across the globe
  • Become a shareholder in real-world entities
  • Claim dividends and vote on resolutions
  • Liquidate easily on the secondary market

Neufund’s set of protocols enables issuers to tokenize any kind of real-world asset, and equity is the first application.

Read more about Equity Tokens here

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Earn when you invest

With every investment conducted through the platform, investors are rewarded with NEU tokens, which represent economic co-ownership of the platform. As a NEU token holder, you are entitled to claim a share of the revenues that Neufund generates. The sooner you invest, the more NEU tokens you will get.

With each successful ETO, a platform fee (3%) is deducted from the amount of capital raised (ETH and EUR) and distributed to NEU token holders in proportion to the amount of NEU tokens they own. Within the same ETO, a token fee (2%) is deducted from the total number of equity tokens sold. These tokens are added to a portfolio of all companies ever to conduct an ETO on the platform, which NEU holders own in proportion to the amount of NEU tokens they hold.

Neumark (NEU token) is designed to create a strong alignment of interests between investors, companies, and the platform’s success. The sooner you invest through Neufund, the more NEU tokens you will get.

Learn more about NEU in our Whitepaper

Invest alongside the experts

Our community is comprised of more than 2,500 prominent investors across VC, PE, startups, crypto, and retail. The equivalent of over €12M has already been committed to invest in ETOs starting Q4 2018.


Frank Thelen

Freigeist Capital


Julian Zawistowski



Brian Fabian Crain


Udo Schloemer

Factory Berlin


Eric Wahlforss



Christophe Maire

Atlantic Labs


Fabian Vogelsteller

Ethereum, ERC20


Max Kordek



Alex Lange

Index Ventures


Philipp Freise



Michael Jackson

Mangrove Capital


Pawel Bylica


Neufund TokenUp

Want to learn more?

Token Up is a new publication and podcast powered by Neufund. Here, we analyze the world of security tokens and shed light on key players in the space and important industry developments. Feel free to reach out to Alex Molé or Marlene Ronstedt if you have ideas for future topics!



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