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Equity investments made better

There are many reasons why equity investments needed to change.
So we changed them.

Investing has
never been this easy

Make informed investments using EUR or ETH and access companies from around the world. Through a single, blockchain-enabled interface and with no fees.

Interact with your

Most equity instruments require extensive paperwork and multiple middlemen. Voting or claiming dividends requires your physical presence, a lawyer and a bank. We've changed that.

With Neufund, you can interact with your equity whenever you’re ready. Claim dividends, vote on resolutions or access information with just one interface.

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Send and receive equity directly.

Save costs and time with direct transfers between blockchain wallets. Send equity to your friends, family, or business partners directly. Without the middleman.


Liquidity a click away.

Liquidate your investments easily. Access a global pool of investors across multiple secondary exchanges and make an offer within a few clicks.


You're protected. Twice.

The record of your equity ownership is saved on the public Ethereum network. Your claim is immutable and fully transparent. Thanks to our unique architecture, you're also protected by traditional legal documents.


Trade equity against real estate.

In the future all kinds of ownership claims will be represented by tokens, for example, equity tokens, real estate tokens or bond tokens. You will be able to trade them directly against one another.

How it works?

Earn NEU tokens as a reward every time you invest.

Hold NEU tokens and share platform proceeds.

See how it works here

Invest and join the best VCs and thousands of angel investors from more than 90 countries.

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  • Eric Wahlforss

  • Christophe Maire

    Atlantic Labs VC
  • Frank Thelen

    Freigeist Capital
  • Udo Schloemer

    Factory Berlin
  • Michael Jackson

    Skype, Mangrove Capital
  • Philipp Freise

    Philipp Freise
  • Alex Lange

    Index Ventures
  • Dario Suter


Building financial inclusion

We enable everyone to invest alongside the professionals and access high-yield investments with as little as 10 EUR.

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