Opening finance. To everyone.

We democratise access to capital for innovators and entrepreneurs & make investing easy, safe and accessible to everyone.

We dare to imagine finance that is...


Everyone in, nobody out. Everyone deserves equal access to investment & fundraising opportunities.


Everyone deserves equal access to information at any time, in any place. Blockchain enables that.


No one should be scared of being scammed. Automating compliance helps build a safer investment ecosystem.

Leave no one behind.

A high financial barrier to entry, uneven access to information, and obsolete regulation combine to create a financial ecosystem that is available to a limited few.

We believe that everyone deserves equal access to investment opportunities, no matter their location, background, and wealth status.

The only way forward is together

Investments simplified.

Why does investing nowadays require multiple middlemen to manage investments? With Neufund, you can do it yourself with just a few clicks.

Our blockchain-enabled platform provides everyone with transparent and total access to information.

Opening innovation.
For good.

Most companies can’t afford to go public, and yet VC rounds depend more on a founder’s network and location than the product itself. For this reason, many innovative concepts have not been realized.

Neufund lets companies address a cross-border pool of investors, making it possible to pursue innovation both within and beyond technology hubs.

There's power in
decentralized power.

Modern technologies enable us to build new ecosystems, where power is decentralized between all participants. Instead of one person holding the power, we can distribute it among thousands.

Neufund is a decentralized economy, where everyone has a voice and the right to be heard. If you invest through Neufund once, you become a co-owner of it forever.

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Lower the barrier to entry & democratize access to investment opportunities.

Fractional ownership enables us to represent one equity by a thousand tokens. Giving investors the possibility to buy only a piece of a cake, instead of a whole, we lower the barrier to entry and makes investment opportunities more accessible.

Democratize access to funding and make it easier & faster for innovators to receive the funding needed for pursuing innovation.

Neufund offerings enable entrepreneurs to address cross-border pool of investors consisting of retail investors, professional venture capital companies, and the biggest institutional funds. Thanks to our technology entrepreneurs can prepare their campaigns easily and quickly, without having to have a prior network of investors.

Make it possible for investors to manage their assets easily, without having to go through multiple middle-man and unlock liquidity.

Digitalization of equity offers the possibility to turn it into an interactive asset. Instead of a stack of papers that proves ownership in the company, investors get a Neufund interface over which they can claim dividends, vote in shareholders resolutions, and track the company's growth. Interoperability enables investors to trade their assets on global secondary markets based on their preference.