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Step by step.

We've made fundraising simple and intuitive. Here’s how to host an offering with Neufund.


Submit your application

Fill out and submit the simple application form on our fundraising page. Our team will respond promptly.

We look for companies from all around the world that display the potential to develop a strong customer base and make a positive impact.


Register on the platform

Once your application is reviewed, you will be asked to register on the platform and verify your identity with KYC. Our team will assist you with the process.

You can fundraise through Neufund from anywhere in the world; the company doesn’t have to be incorporated in Germany.


Prepare the listing page

Once verified, you can start your pre-campaign with a marketing listing page, which includes general information about your company such as the team, existing investors and advisors, your product vision, and more.

At this stage, you don't have to include investment terms.


Specify investment offer

You are in charge of the investment terms of your offering. Set your valuation, tickets size, minimum investment amount, and more in our user friendly dashboard and the term sheet will be automatically generated.



Once ready, launch your campaign! Depending on the conditions you set in previous steps, you will go through whitelisting, private sale, public sale, and a signing period.


Build a strong community

Our post-issuance system will automate your investor relations. Distribute dividends, organize shareholders resolutions, and more – all within Neufund's single interface. Easy, fast, and secure.

Ready to start your campaign?

Apply now

Frequently asked questions

The Nominee SPV (special purpose vehicle) serves two related purposes:

  1. it is the entity with which potential investors enter into a contractual obligation to provide funds and it represents all the investors that participate in the investment round,
  2. it is the entity that will be registered as a new shareholder in your cap table.

The Nominee SPV must be created prior to beginning your fundraising campaign.

The shareholder of the Nominee SPV (special purpose vehicle) will appoint the managing director(s) of the Nominee SPV. This means that your company, as the sole shareholder of the Nominee SPV, will be able to freely appoint the management of the Nominee SPV.

While this can theoretically be anyone legally able to represent a company, it will typically be someone from your organization or someone with a professional obligation (e.g. legal counsel). Through the Token Holder Agreement, the Nominee contractually agrees to give investors a part of its shareholding rights, therefore, the investors will be able to directly vote on shareholding matters according to the terms of the Token Holder Agreement. The managing director of the Nominee SPV is more a formality than a necessity for the execution of the on-chain shareholding rights of the Nominee.

No, your so-called Nominee SPV (special purpose vehicle) can be established wherever your company is located.

The commercial terms of the Shareholder Agreement will be established by the fundraising company through Neufund’s interface and will be entered into by the Nominee on behalf of the investors. The platform auto-generates the ISHA (Investors and Shareholder’s Agreement) for the company.

The voting rights of the investors are decided prior to the offering and established in the Token Holder Agreement. Since the Nominee (special purpose vehicle) has one vote as the shareholder, the investors have collective voting rights that dictate how the Nominee will vote on a particular issue. Typically, the Nominee will vote according to the proposal of the shareholders resolution unless the majority of Equity Token Holders (investors) vote against such a proposal. In a minority of cases, the Nominee will vote against a proposal unless all the investors vote in favour of it.

Dividend payments are passed onto the investors automatically through Neufund’s interface based on the investors pro rata investment. This means that when the company decides to issue dividends, they will immediately be transferred to the investors. Security of the distribution is guaranteed by smart contracts.

No asset management takes place through the fundraising structure. Once a fundraising campaign is successful (e.g. the minimum fundraising goal is met) and you upload the signed ISHA (Investors and Shareholder’s Agreement) to the platform, the funds will be collected (in nEUR and/or ETH) from investors and transferred directly to your account. You are in full control of your funds. You can withdraw them to your bank account and exchange ETH for EUR if you wish. The funds should be used by the fundraising company at the discretion of the management and for the business purpose specified in the prospectus or Investment Memorandum. Neufund enables the investors to remain informed of the activities of the company, in particular, large investments or expenditures.

The shareholder's structure of the Nominee SPV (special purpose vehicle) will remain unaffected by the offering. The investors do not become shareholders in the Nominee SPV, rather they receive a contractual claim against the Nominee SPV. In this case, the fundraising company would remain the shareholder of the Nominee SPV. What changes after the offering is the shareholder structure of the fundraising company: Your cap table will then include the Nominee SPV as a new shareholder.