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Fundraising made better

The way we raise funds needs to change for many reasons.
So we changed it. Apply today, start fundraising tomorrow.


Set up your campaign easily.

Create your listing page through a simple interface. Set your timeline and offering details, build a description of your company and product, and... you're ready to go!


Address venture capital, institutional and individual investors, all at once.

Neufund offerings enable you to address all kind of investors at the same time. Offer them full shareholders rights, increased liquidity, and low minimum investment ticket.


Tokenize your equity and unlock liquidity.

With Neufund, you can easily tokenize shares in your company. Transfer them easily to new owners or trade on a secondary market.


Legal work, automated.

Fundraising requires a lot of paperwork. It's time-consuming and costly. So we've automated almost all of it.

Fill in data about your company, product, and details of your planned offering through our interface, which automatically generates your documents. Then simply customize them or use the template.


Automate dividends distribution, shareholder resolutions & more.

Neufund's post-issuance interface lets you distribute dividends, conduct shareholder resolutions, and distribute information with just a few clicks.


Easy and quick follow-on rounds.

Need more capital? You can always conduct a private or public placement through our platform and issue more equity in tokenized form.


Build partnerships, not just relations.

The best investors are those who actively help you grow your business. We enable you to build meaningful partnerships through a single interface.
Share information on your business, request help or ask for opinions. Money just got really smart.

Advanced analytics

Access advanced analytics about the profile of your investors and hone your targeting.

Connect with equity over an API

Connect with equity over an API and give investors exclusive access to features.

We will help you get there

Our dedicated team will support you throughout fundraising and beyond.

Fundraise safely

Your funds are managed safely by smart contracts and legal documents.

How do we compare?

Equity crowdfunding
Venture capital
Public offering
Institutional investors
Indiviual investors
VC & family offices
Address investors globally
Automated governance
Hard cap
No limit
No limit
No limit

Simple, one-time success fee.

  • 3%

  • 2%

  • No placement and ongoing costs
  • Lifetime investor relations management
  • We do not charge investors anything

Calculate terms of your offer today

Not sure about your offering's terms? Use Term Sheet Ninja and preview your offering today.

Calculate here

Apply to raise.

Set your own terms:

  • Launch campaign within a few days
  • Set your own terms, including a minimum ticket size as low as 10 EUR and unlimited hard cap
  • Raise from institutional, venture capital, and retail investors at the same time
  • See example listing page.

After receiving your application we will schedule a demo and walk you through the fundraising process in details. 

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Frequently asked questions

The Nominee SPV (special purpose vehicle) serves two related purposes:

  1. it is the entity with which potential investors enter into a contractual obligation to provide funds and it represents all the investors that participate in the investment round,
  2. it is the entity that will be registered as a new shareholder in your cap table.

The Nominee SPV must be created prior to beginning your fundraising campaign.

The shareholder of the Nominee SPV (special purpose vehicle) will appoint the managing director(s) of the Nominee SPV. This means that your company, as the sole shareholder of the Nominee SPV, will be able to freely appoint the management of the Nominee SPV.

While this can theoretically be anyone legally able to represent a company, it will typically be someone from your organization or someone with a professional obligation (e.g. legal counsel). Through the Token Holder Agreement, the Nominee contractually agrees to give investors a part of its shareholding rights, therefore, the investors will be able to directly vote on shareholding matters according to the terms of the Token Holder Agreement. The managing director of the Nominee SPV is more a formality than a necessity for the execution of the on-chain shareholding rights of the Nominee.

No, your so-called Nominee SPV (special purpose vehicle) can be established wherever your company is located.

The commercial terms of the Shareholder Agreement will be established by the fundraising company through Neufund’s interface and will be entered into by the Nominee on behalf of the investors. The platform auto-generates the ISHA (Investors and Shareholder’s Agreement) for the company.

The voting rights of the investors are decided prior to the offering and established in the Token Holder Agreement. Since the Nominee (special purpose vehicle) has one vote as the shareholder, the investors have collective voting rights that dictate how the Nominee will vote on a particular issue. Typically, the Nominee will vote according to the proposal of the shareholders resolution unless the majority of Equity Token Holders (investors) vote against such a proposal. In a minority of cases, the Nominee will vote against a proposal unless all the investors vote in favour of it.

Dividend payments are passed onto the investors automatically through Neufund’s interface based on the investors pro rata investment. This means that when the company decides to issue dividends, they will immediately be transferred to the investors. Security of the distribution is guaranteed by smart contracts.

No asset management takes place through the fundraising structure. Once a fundraising campaign is successful (e.g. the minimum fundraising goal is met) and you upload the signed ISHA (Investors and Shareholder’s Agreement) to the platform, the funds will be collected (in nEUR and/or ETH) from investors and transferred directly to your account. You are in full control of your funds. You can withdraw them to your bank account and exchange ETH for EUR if you wish. The funds should be used by the fundraising company at the discretion of the management and for the business purpose specified in the prospectus or Investment Memorandum. Neufund enables the investors to remain informed of the activities of the company, in particular, large investments or expenditures.

The shareholder's structure of the Nominee SPV (special purpose vehicle) will remain unaffected by the offering. The investors do not become shareholders in the Nominee SPV, rather they receive a contractual claim against the Nominee SPV. In this case, the fundraising company would remain the shareholder of the Nominee SPV. What changes after the offering is the shareholder structure of the fundraising company: Your cap table will then include the Nominee SPV as a new shareholder.