European Regulatory Initiative Report

Tokens as novel asset class

This report summarizes the existing situation with respect to blockchain regulations and proposes a legislative approach serving the interests of businesses, investors, and regular citizens. Its purpose is to help reduce, or indeed completely eliminate, the problem of regulatory uncertainty facing all interested and affected parties. We begin by discussing the nature and dynamics of core blockchain-related technologies, the effects they have on economic processes, and how we might understand common interactions in light of these technical innovations. Next, we survey existing regulations and offer a view of how cryptocurrencies and cryptotokens fit with them, leading us to recommend they be treated as a separate asset class without becoming subject to European VAT regulation. We continue with an overview of approaches to blockchain that other jurisdictions take and extract key lessons to for European regulators to consider. We conclude with a call to action asking the same to work speedily with the relevant parties to establish a simple, yet robust regulatory framework.

We have launched our ESOP manager

NEUFUND’s mission is to establish an active secondary market for startup equity, through providing a solution to represent startup shares as Blockchain tokens. This works also for non-Blockchain projects (e.g AI, biotech, hardware etc.) To demonstrate to the Blockchain community that our concept has practical potential, we have converted the 10% pool of NEUFUND stock reserved for the employees into Ethereum tokens, and have provided a smart contract to govern it in place of a legal agreement. Now any incorporated startup can use our solution to implement their ESOP on Blockchain.


Ledger Nano Walkthrough

The one piece of equipment that is essential to every crypto-nerd that is serious about their security is probably the Ledger Nano… Learn how you can set it up and use it to store your cryptoassets.


Cryptocurrencies Tutorial for Newbiess

This tutorial takes you through the basics of cryptocurrencies, how to acquire it, store it in a digital wallet and then send it. It has been made so that it includes the ideal mix of theory and practice to introduce newbies to cryptocurrencies and give them some momentum by teaching them the most important functions.


Onboarding @ NEUFUND

Curious to see how we onboard newbies onto our team and how we introduce them to the world of blockchain? Take a look… This includes a number of must-read articles about blockchain, how to create a digital wallet, how to setup a hardware wallet, basic info on investment funds and a list of the news sources and channels we monitor daily here at NEUFUND.