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The drivers of the crypto community have echoed around the world like the anthem of a Promised Land. They strive for decentralisation, disintermediation, democratisation; they pledge openness, security, transparency. The current state of the crypto space, however, still reminds us of the tangle that was characteristic for the Wild West’s heydays — an analogy that lately has often been drawn with regard to partial lawlessness, craze, and fragmentation. We are shaping a future-proof environment for the crypto community, so that blockchain technology can unfold its potential to the fullest.

For us it is import to not only present the Neufund Platform that truely revolutionizes fundraising, and to show how blockchain is disrupting the VC industry, but also to contribute to the crypto community with projects which we believe make the space better for both investors and companies. Up until now we’ve been involved and initialised several projects such as tokenized ESOP, the Blockchain Policy Initiative or the ICO Transparency Monitor — aiming for legal compliance and transparency on the market.

Regulatory initiative

Blockchain Policy Initiative

Neufund is a founding member of the Blockchain Policy Initiative, which serves as a coordinative platform for blockchain experts to promote sound policy foundations for the global cryptoeconomy. The initiative offers, first, an arena for the exchange of ideas at the intersection of distributed ledger technologies and legal frameworks. This is made possible through an inclusive and decentralised community that collaborates on open source documents.
The Blockchain Policy Initiative Report is a community-driven and continuously refined groundwork to help eliminate the regulatory uncertainty around distributed ledger technology. In its now over 100 pages of expert analysis, the dynamics of the respective core technologies and their effects on economic processes are being discussed.. We explore how cryptocurrencies and cryptotokens match with existing regulations and recommend that they be treated as a separate asset class – without automatically triggering securities law, AML laws or VAT regulation.
Open Source Projects

ICO Transparency Monitor

With the ICO Transparency Monitor, Neufund has launched a powerful toolkit that helps the crypto investment space to better evaluate ICOs and other token generating events. As opposed to personal investment advice and other ICO trackers, this service offers a decentralised analysis of underlying blockchain data. These new metrics make it easy and free of cost for anybody to scan through the smart contracts of past, ongoing and future fundraising projects.
Neufund’s mission is to establish an active secondary market for startup equity, through providing a solution to represent startup shares as Blockchain tokens. This works also for non-Blockchain projects (e.g AI, biotech, hardware etc.) To demonstrate to the Blockchain community that our concept has practical potential, we have converted the 10% pool of Neufund stock reserved for the employees into Ethereum tokens, and have provided a smart contract to govern it in place of a legal agreement. Now any incorporated startup can use our solution to implement their ESOP on the Blockchain.
The one piece of equipment that is essential to every crypto-nerd who is serious about their security is probably the Ledger Nano. Here is our step-by-step manual that helps you set it up and use it to store your crypto assets.
Curious to see how we onboard newbies onto our team and how we introduce them to the world of blockchain? Take a look… This includes a number of must-read articles about blockchain, how to create a digital wallet, how to setup a hardware wallet, basic info on investment funds and a list of the news sources and channels we monitor daily here at Neufund. It works also as a Neufund employee on-boarding tutorial  for each and every new team member.
Open Source Projects


In Neufund we care a lot about the quality of the software we develop. That’s why we constantly research new ways for improving our technology stack. One of our recent enhancements is starting to use Typescript. It brings improved type safety and provides development confidence not otherwise available in Javascript. So our Lead Dev Krzysztof Kaczor introduced TypeChain  - Typescript bindings for Ethereum smart contracts.
Open Source Projects

The Smart Contract Watch

Usually, when running a regular backend service, the idea of monitoring your servers is straightforward with many options to choose from. On the blockchain (Distributed Ledger), things run a bit differently: the whole blockchain is your backend and there are no dedicated servers you can monitor in order to check your smart contract’s activity. The only way to check how your smart contracts are interacting on the blockchain is to scan the blockchain block by block (as they come) for any transactions or events related to your smart contract. We decided to write Smart Contract Watch, a tool that specifically solves these problems. It has become the main tool monitoring our smart contracts’ activity.

Join Us

Neufund’s team of women and men from different cultures and countries represents the spirit of diversity and openness. If you are passionate about blockchain technology and the future of cryptocurrencies, join us!