Neufund Team is composed of people from a variety of backgrounds, each holding an important piece of the puzzle. We are tech founders: we have a history of raising many venture capital rounds, including difficult failures and great exits. We are VCs who have supported startups and ambitious idealists ever since the Internet was born. We are technologists and technocrats who started coding before C++ was even invented. We are managers who have both built lean companies and run NASDAQ-listed enterprises. But first and foremost we are creators:

If you’re building the new way to fund ventures, you better know how to gather the right people around you.

We are currently not hiring for any specific positions. We do, however, always look for talent. If you think you got what it takes to work at the forefront of Ethereum and Opensource development we are happy if you get in touch with us. Our technology stack includes React, NodeJS, Typescript, Ethereum, Solidity, Go, Rust, Haskell, Python, IPFS, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Flask, Celery, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ and HTML5/CSS. Read the whole job offer here >